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RPKI v2.0 Migration Completed

25 November 2015 - AFRINIC is pleased to announce that we successfully completed the migration of RPKI platform v1.0 to RPKI v2.0.

Migration was completed on Friday 20 November, 2015 as scheduled [1].


As a reminder, the migration process consisted of the following:

1. Creation of new member certificates on new platform
2. Revocation of ROAs from RPKI v1.0
3. Issuance of ROAS on new platforms
4. Revocation of old member certificate
5. Revocation of old AFRINIC production certificate


All the objects in the AFRINIC repository have been validated by RPKI Cache validators [2,3,4] and warnings
about malformed objects have now disappeared.

Members whose ROAs have been created by AFRINIC on the new platform are invited to review and re-create them as appropriate.

We would like to express our gratitude to all our members for their support during this critical exercise.









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