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Winners of the second edition of the FIRE Programme 2013 Awards


FIRE Programme Awards acknowledge the remarkable contributions ICT innovators have made to their communities by addressing social and development challenges using the Internet.

The FIRE programme Awards is granted to initiatives already completed or in their final implementation phase and that are aligned with the three funding categories:

  • Innovation on Access Provision
  • E-Development
  • Freedom of Expression

In addition to selecting a winner per category, we have a Community Choice Award category for the best social media campaign (the project with the highest number of votes from the community). This year the community Choice Award for the project with the best social media campaign was not allocated.

This year, the FIRE 2013 Award did not recognise an initiative promoting Freedom of expression. They will both be back in 2014.

The FIRE 2013 Award has thus decided to reward a fourth (4) outstanding project under the following categories:


Category: Innovation on Access Provision


Category: Development


The four (4) winners will receive a cash prize of US$ 3000 and a travel grant to attend the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) taking place in Bali (Indonesia) from the 22nd until the 25th of October 2013. The 2013 Awardees will be given a great opportunity to showcase their project, make professional contacts and participate in discussions about the future of the Internet.


Category Project Title Scope Details
Access/Devt/Innov Nikohapa Customer Engagement Platform
  • Build a system enabling customers to have one-on-one conversations with their favourire business through their mobile phone
  • Platform enabling Kenyans to "check-in" at partners (Cafes, restaurants, barbershops, etc.) using SMS
  • Check-ins helping businesses to engage with their customers, rewarding their loyalty, providing useful analytics on customer traffic and great marketing when shared on FAcebook & Tweeter; Businesses can SMS their latest promotions to their loyal customers


  • Project Manager:
    Bernard ADONGO
  • Organisation:
  • Country Implemented:
Devt Empowering African Women and Girls through the use of informative and interactive online resources
  • Provision of timely and accurate information, resources and tools to support and strengthen the work of African women/girls in all areas of social, political and economic development
  • Provide African women with a platform fo sharing ideas and maximizing the advocacy and networking potential of the internet & social media technology
  • Access & use of technologies to promote and inform women's participation as voters, candidates and elected officials so that opportunities for greater participation by women onall levels of teh political process can be realised


  • Project Manager:
    Rainatou SOW
  • Organisation:
    Make Every Woman count (MEWC)
  • Country Implemented:
    All African countries
Devt VENAME - Platform for the promotion, management and sale of African ccTLDs via Mobile payment
  • Promote and ease access to African ccTLD and allow development of a digital economy
  • Setting up of a platform and integration of means of payment: sale of Domain names via local mode of payment such as mobile payment (Example for .CI with Orange Money, MTN Mobile Money & Flooz)
  • Communication and search of partnership with African ccTLDs: assistance given to them for the automation of their domains acquisition processes (Whois Servers, Application Programming Interface (API) for websites selling their domains)
  • Allow a better visibility of Africa on the web through the assertion of its identity (ex. Ivorian websites shall have .CI Domain names in order to identify their source/origin)


  • Project Manager:
    Idriss Marcial MONTHE DJOMBISSIE
  • Organisation:
  • Country Implemented:
    Cote d'Ivoire, Senegal and Mali
Access/Devt/Innov ePharmacyNet, an adapted Mail-Order Pharmacy for the Sub-Saharan African Developing Countries
  • Improve health care delivery system and facilities, in particular pharmaceutical care delivery in developing countries by ICT introduction (Mobile Virtual Community for Telemedecine - MVC4TM and Mail-Order-Pharmacies (MOP)
  • Enhance accessibility of medecine in pharmacies for patients, in particular in rural regions
  • Setting up of ePharmacyNet System connecting the trade center with the patient and with the parmacies:
    • Supplier system: the suppliers are the pharmacies participating in the system. They provide to the trade center information about the availabilities of resquested pharmaceutical products (where the prescribed products are in stock);
    • Trade center with a central database: it is implemented as as an application server using a database system; it is the direct communication partner for the consumers. It processes every request using its database (basic info: a list of all available pharmaceutical products in Benin) or polling suppliers for up to date information (which pharmacies currently have the product available and what amount of it); It also supports ordering, delivery and payment steps by forwarding necessary information to the partners . Consumers (patients): the search results is sent to the consumer;
    • Ordering and delivery process: trade center forwards the ordering information to the corresponding pharmacy; logistics can be operated by the pharmacy or it can be delegated to a courrier service; payment is made electronically ( using the Internet or mobile phone) or cash on delivery or trust systems


  • Project Manager:
    Farell FOLLY
  • Organisation:

    HSoft Africa, Ltd

  • Country Implemented:
    Benin + All the rest of African countries




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