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2014 - A Year In Review

19 January 2015 - As we head into 2015, we take a look back over AFRINIC's key achievements, events and milestones over 2014.

2014: In Numbers

  • 12,460,800 IPv4 addresses allocated/assigned
  • 3,276,817 /48s of IPv6 address space allocated/assigned
  • 141 Autonomous System Number (ASNs) assigned
  • 4.5% of the ASNs assigned by AFRINIC announce IPv6
  • 133 new members welcomed on board
  • Seven new staff joined the AFRINIC team
  • Two new departments created: Research & Innovation and Capacity Building & Community Development
  • Over 700 people attended AFRINIC-20, the Africa Internet Summit (AIS) and AFRINIC-21
  • 353 people trained on IPv6 and/or Internet Number Resource Management in nine countries
  • Five policies proposed, five still under discussion and one withdrawn.
  • US$ 93 500 given to 11 winners of the FIRE Grants and 4 people received a cash prize of US$ 3000 each for the FIRE Awards
  • 12 people from 12 countries awarded fellowships to attend AFRINIC-20, the Africa Internet Summit (AIS) and AFRINIC-21


2014: The Highlights















Appointment of an Interim CEO for AFRINIC

31 December 2014 - The AFRINIC Board of Directors is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr Patrisse Deesse as the Interim Chief Executive Officer of AFRINIC.

Patrisse joined AFRINIC in September 2007 as Finance and Administration Manager. He has been involved in all aspects of the organisation including Finance, Human Resources and Administration. He worked on and implemented several projects relating to Billing and set up of the financial processes and procedures.

Prior to working at AFRINIC, his previous work experience extends over 30 years at a large international conglomerate in Malawi (one of the largest private companies in the country) in accounting, occupying several senior managerial positions, including Head Office Accountant and Treasury Manager. He is exposed to international management practices and standards in a multicultural environment. He is a Fellow member of an International Accounting body.

Until his appointment, Patrisse was the Finance and Accounts Director of AFRINIC. In his new role, he will lead the AFRINIC team, pending the appointment and resumption of the substantive Chief Executive.

The process of recruiting the Chief Executive Officer has entered the candidates evaluation phase. The Board is pleased with the progress made so far.

More information on the recruitment process and timeline at:



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