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AFRINIC IRR: Still time to sign up for an IRR Bootcamp

If you haven't already participated in one of the AFRINIC Internet Routing Registry (IRR) Bootcamps, please email the team at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Bootcamps will take less than an hour and are designed to equip you with the information needed to create new, accurate entries in the AFRINIC IRR.

During the Bootcamp we'll crosscheck members' objects in the RIPE Database in preparation for populating AFRINIC's IRR to ensure accuracy. The list of objects currently in the RIPE Database is published at:

Congratulations go to *Camtel* and *Seacom* for being the first two members to add their objects to the AFRINIC IRR.

Until the launch of AFRINIC's IRR in 2013, members were encouraged to use the RIPE IRR to register their routing objects. We are now calling on all members to populate the AFRINIC IRR with their objects. Please see Creating Route objects at: to register your route objects in the AFRINIC IRR or sign up to our Boot Camps so we can help you with the process.

The AFRINIC IRR acts as part of the global IRR system that consists of several other databases where network operators publish their routing policies and announcements in order for other interested network operators to use that data, for ease of interconnecting and working together. Find out more about AFRINIC's IRR, Boot Camps, the benefits of using AFRINIC's IRR and how to create objects, please see:

Call for Nominations: AFRINIC region representative to the ICANN ASO-AC

The AFRINIC Nomination Committee (NomCom) is pleased to invite nominations for candidates to run for an open seat on the NRO NC (ICANN ASO AC) for the AFRINIC region. The term for the elected candidate will be from 1 January 2015 to 31 December 2018 (3 years).

The NRO-NC serves as the ICANN ASO-AC according to the ICANN ASO Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).

The current representatives from the AFRINIC region on the ICANN ASO-AC are:


Fiona Asonga (01/2014 – 12/2016)

Douglas Onyango (01/2012 – 12/2014) - Open Seat

Alan P. Barrett (01/2014 - 12/2015) - Appointed by the AFRINIC Board


1. Responsibilities of the ICANN ASO-AC:

  • Undertaking a role in the global policy development process
  • Providing recommendations to the Board of ICANN concerning the recognition of new RIRs, according to agreed requirements and policies as currently described in ICP-2.
  • Defining procedures for selection of individuals to serve on other ICANN bodies, in particular on the ICANN Board, and implementing any roles assigned to the Address Council in such procedures.
  • Providing advice to the Board of ICANN on number resource allocation policy, in conjunction with the RIRs.
  • Developing procedures for conducting business in support of their responsibilities, in particular for the appointment of an Address Council Chair and definition of the Chair’s responsibilities.

For more information about the NRO-NC and the ASO-AC, please go to: and

2. Eligibility

  • Open to individuals residing within the AFRINIC service region.
  • Self-nominations are permitted and must be supported by a minimum of one active AFRINIC member.
  • A person may only nominate one candidate - and, in case of multiple nominations by the same person, only the last nomination will be considered valid. AFRINIC or other RIR staff can neither nominate candidates nor be nominated for an ASO AC seat.

3. Nominating Procedure:

To nominate yourself or a person of your choice, please browse to

If you experience any issues with the nomination form, please submit the following nominee information to  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

a. Nominator
    Full Name:
b. Nominee
    Full Name:
    Organisation (or Affiliation):
    Current Position:
    Physical address :
    E-mail address:
    Phone number:
c. Secondment (in case of Self Nominations):
    Full Name of Seconder:
    E-mail address:
    Brief supporting statement (not more than 400 words):

Candidates must provide two valid references who will be contacted by the NomCom for further information and background checks if necessary.

Also required:

  • A copy of candidate’s Resume (CV)
  • A photo of the candidate.

4. Deadline for Nominations:

All nominations should be submitted by 20:00H UTC on 19 October 2014.

Please note that the election will take place during the AFRINIC-21 meeting scheduled to happen in Mauritius on 28 November 2014. An eligible voter shall be any non-AFRINIC or non-RIR staff who has registered to attend (and is present at) the AFRINIC-21 meeting. A registration badge shall be requested as proof.



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