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Accountability review

20 May 2016 - The AFRINIC Board of Directors recently approved the publication of the recommendations arising from an accountability review to identify areas in which our bylaws or practices should be improved.

We invite you to find out more about these recommendations here.

AFRINIC Community Code of Conduct has been published

18 May 2016We are pleased to invite you to read the AFRINIC code of conduct for its community which aims to ensure respectful behaviours at AFRINIC Meetings, AIS Meetings and on AFRINIC mailing lists.

AFRINIC Community Code of Conduct

AFRINIC Meetings, Africa Internet Summit (AIS) Meetings and the AFRINIC mailing lists are intended for information dissemination, discussion and knowledge-share. The AFRINIC community is a collaborative environment in which people from many different backgrounds and cultures work together for the good of the African and global Internet. Those who participate in AFRINIC and AIS Meetings, either in person or remotely, or on the AFRINIC mailing lists are expected to behave professionally and respectfully at all times. Harassment, intimidating or offensive behaviour will not be tolerated.

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