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Internet Number Community's IANA Oversight Proposal Submitted

22 January 2015 - On 15 January 2015 the Consolidated RIR IANA Stewardship Proposal (CRISP) Team submitted the Internet number community’s proposal  to the IANA Stewardship Transition Coordination Group (ICG).

You can find the proposal at:

The proposal will shortly be available in French.

Key Elements

The key elements of the proposal are:

  • ICANN to continue as the IANA Functions Operator for the IANA Numbering Services, hereinafter referred to as the IANA Numbering Services Operator, via a contract with the RIR;
  • Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) related to the provision of the IANA services remains with the community;
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) with the IANA Numbering Services Operator;
  • Establishment of a Review Committee, with representatives from each RIR, to advise the NRO EC on the review of the IANA functions operator’s performance and meeting of identified service levels.

You can find all previous drafts, an overview of community input and feedback as well as recordings of all CRISP Team teleconferences here.


The CRISP Team held a series of teleconferences which were open to observers to discuss the proposals, published two drafts and called upon the five RIR communities for input. The third and final draft represents the global Internet number community's consensus position.

On behalf of the entire AFRINIC community, our thanks go the entire CRISP Team for their tireless work to pull together this complex document in a matter of weeks, and especially to our community representatives Alan P. Barrett and Mwenda Kivuva and AFRINIC staff representative Ernest Byaruhanga.

Next Steps

The ICG will work to consolidate proposals received from the three stakeholder communities (Numbers, Domain Names and Protocol Parameters), with the goal of producing a single proposal on IANA stewardship for the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) by June 2015. We will keep AFRINIC members and the AFRINIC community informed of all developments though our dedicated mailing lists, webpages and social media accounts.

More Information

Sign up to the following IANA Oversight Transition-related mailing lists:

Read the background and keep up to date with developments on our dedicated IANA Oversight Transition pages

2014 - A Year In Review

19 January 2015 - As we head into 2015, we take a look back over AFRINIC's key achievements, events and milestones over 2014.

2014: In Numbers

  • 12,460,800 IPv4 addresses allocated/assigned
  • 3,276,817 /48s of IPv6 address space allocated/assigned
  • 141 Autonomous System Number (ASNs) assigned
  • 4.5% of the ASNs assigned by AFRINIC announce IPv6
  • 133 new members welcomed on board
  • Seven new staff joined the AFRINIC team
  • Two new departments created: Research & Innovation and Capacity Building & Community Development
  • Over 700 people attended AFRINIC-20, the Africa Internet Summit (AIS) and AFRINIC-21
  • 353 people trained on IPv6 and/or Internet Number Resource Management in nine countries
  • Five policies proposed, five still under discussion and one withdrawn.
  • US$ 93 500 given to 11 winners of the FIRE Grants and 4 people received a cash prize of US$ 3000 each for the FIRE Awards
  • 12 people from 12 countries awarded fellowships to attend AFRINIC-20, the Africa Internet Summit (AIS) and AFRINIC-21


2014: The Highlights
















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