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NRO NC/ASO AC Appointment

5 August 2015 - We are pleased to announce that that the AFRINIC Board has re-appointed Mark Elkins to the NRO NC/ASO AC, for a one-year term from 1 January 2016 to 31 December 2016.

Call for Comments on the Terms of Reference (draft) for the AFRINIC Governance Committee

4 August 2015 - AFRINIC is pleased to call for comments on the Terms of Reference for a new AFRINIC Governance Committee which will provide advice to the Board, the Members, and the community.

The deadline for submitting comments is 21 August 2015.

Comments should be sent only through the members discuss mailing list at: member-discuss [at]

You can read the ToR for a new AFRINIC Governance Committee here.

We thank you for your usual collaboration.




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