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Policy Development Appeal Committee

19 July 2017 - The AFRINIC Board of Directors intends to establish an Appeal Committee to give effect to the requirements in section 3.5 of the Consolidated Policy Manual (that is, the Conflict resolution portion of the Policy Development Process). The Appeal Committee Terms of Reference (version 1) is published at <>.

The Board calls for comments on the Terms of Reference for a 30 day period, ending on 19 August 2017. Comments may be sent to the RPD mailing list <rpd at>.

The Board intends to appoint an interim Appeal Committee without delay, to cater for the possibility that an appeal might be filed before the comments on the Terms of reference can be taken into account. We seek the cooperation of the community in this regard.


Sunday Folayan

Chair of the AFRINIC Board of Directors


Annual Report 2016 is Published

July 14 2017 - We are pleased to inform you that our annual report 2016 is now published.
Click here to read the AFRINIC Annual Report 2016.


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