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Collaboration for development

AFRINIC CEO Adiel Akplogan today, Tuesday 12 June, held fruitful talks with the Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation CEO Prof. Tim Unwin and Mr. Rakesh Luchmun, CTO's Acting Head of Administration and Finance. The meeting held at AFRINIC Head Office at Raffles Tower in Cybercity, Ebene, Mauritius focused on how the two organisations can collaborate. The organisations agreed to collaborate in capacity building in Africa particularly on issues of Internet use for development.


The CTO will hold a forum and its 52nd Council meeting in Port Louis, Mauritius, between October 22nd and 26th 2012. During the meeting, AFRINIC will hold a training workshop featuring, among other issues, IPv6 deployment and use. “This will give us an opportunity to share our knowledge on IPv6 as well as contribute to institutional capacity building,” said Mr. Adiel Akplogan.


Interview with Prof. Tim Unwin held at the AFRINIC headquarters

AFRINIC celebrates IPv6 World Launch

isoc ipv6

AFRINIC, and the world, is celebrating the launch of IPv6 today, Wednesday, 6 June 2012. We have lined up speakers from across Africa to offer insights into what it means to Africa and the world. AFRINIC has teamed up with ISOC and the Internet community for the launch of IPv6. The event starts at 1100hrs UTC (3pm Mauritius Time).

The speakers will be:

  1. Adiel Akplogan – Chief Executive Officer, AFRINIC
  2. Dr. Dawit Bekele – Regional Bureau Director for Africa Internet Society (remotely)
  3. Hisham Ibrahim – IPv6 Manager - AFRINIC
  4.  Mme Ndéye Maimouna Diop Diagne – Chair, AFRINIC and ICT Director, Ministry of Posts, Telecommunications and ICT, Republic of Senegal (remotely)
  5.  Janvier Ngnoulaye – IT Manager, Institute for University Digital Governance (IGNU)
  6. Trilok Dabeesing - Director of IT, Information and Communication Technologies Authority, Republic of Mauritius (remotely)
  7. Fiona Asonga - Chief Executive Officer, Telecommunications Service Providers Association of Kenya/ Kenya Internet Exchange Point
  8. ISOC chapters in Africa

To participate remotely please:

  1. Go to: Isoc webex (;;;UID=0&PW=NYWEwZjE0MDU2&RT=MiMzNA%3D%3D)
  2. If requested, enter your name and email address.
  3. If a password is required, enter the meeting password: africa
  4. Click "Join".

To join the audio conference only



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