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AFRINIC events archive

Completed Training & Workshops

For 2013

Country City Month
Tunisia Tunis April
South Africa Cape Town May
Ethiopia Addis Ababa May
Nigeria Lagos June
Nigeria Abuja June
Zambia Lusaka June
Cameroon Yaoundé July
Gabon Libreville July
Tchad N'Djamena August
South Africa Johannesburg August
Benin Cotonou August
South Africa Johannesburg September
Senegal Dakar October
Malawi Blantyre October
Morocco Marrakech November
Cote d'Ivoire Abidjan November

For 2012

Country City Month
The Gambia Serrekunda May
Egypt Cairo May
South Africa Cape Town June
Burkina Faso Ouagadougou June
Chad D'Jamena July
Côte D'Ivoire Abidjan August
Kenya Nairobi August
Nigeria Lagos September
D.R. Congo Kinshasa October
Mauritius Ebene October
Uganda Kampala November
Sudan Khartoum November


For 2011

Location Language Date
Cameroon English 2011-11
Mali French 2011-11
Djibouti English 2011-10
Angola Portuguese 2011-10
Botswana English 2011-09
Uganda English 2011-09
Zimbabwe English 2011-08
Tanzania English 2011-06
Niger French 2011-05
Zambia English 2011-04
Togo French 2011-04
Ghana English 2011-04


For 2010

Location Type Language Date
South Africa LIR+IPv6 English 2011-11
Sudan LIR+IPv6 English 2011-11
Nigeria LIR+IPv6 English 2011-10
Nigeria LIR + IPv6 English 2011--09
Lybia LIR+IPv6 English 2011-07
Liberia LIR+IPv6 English 2011-06
Sierra Leone LIR+IPv6 English 2011-06
Gambia LIR+IPv6 English 2011-06
Rwanda LIR+IPv6 English 2011-05
Mauritius LIR+IPv6 English 2011-04
South Africa LIR+IPv6 English 2011-04


For 2009

Location Type Language Date
Senegal Advanced IPv6 French 2009-11
Burundi DNSSEC+LIR+IPv6 French 2009-08
Gabon LIR+IPv6 English 2009-06
Egypt LIR+IPv6 English 2009-05
Algeria LIR+IPv6 French 2009-04
Tunisia DNSSEC+IPv6 French 2009-04
Nigeria LIR+IPv6 English 2009-03
Ghana LIR+IPv6 English 2009-03


For 2008

Location Type Language Date
Madagascar LIR+IPv6 French 2008-12
Mauritius IPv6 English 2008-11
Uganda LIR+IPv6 English 2008-11
Mauritania IPv6 English 2008-11



French 2008-06



French 2008-06


English 2008-05


French 2008-05
Cameroon IPv6 English 2008-04
Namibia LIR+IPv6 English 2008-02
Botswana IPv6 English 2008-02
RD Congo LIR+IPv6 French 2008-01


For 2007

Location Type Language Date
Tunisia LIR+IPv6 French 2007-12
Benin IPv6 French 2007-10
South Africa IPv6 English 2007-09
Angola LIR+IPv6 English 2007-06
Tanzania LIR+IPv6 English 2007-06


For 2006

Location Type Language Date
Rwanda LIR English 12-2006
Mauritius IPv6 English 11-2006
South Africa LIR+IPv6 English 09-2006
Uganda LIR English 08-2006


LIR+IPv6 French 07-2006


LIR+IPv6 English 06-2006


LIR+IPv6 English 05-2006
Sudan LIR+IPv6 English 03-2006
South Africa LIR English 03-2006


For 2005

Location Type Language Date
Egypt LIR English 12-2005
Burkina Faso LIR French 11-2005


LIR English 10-2005


LIR English 09-2005
Senegal LIR English 09-2005
South Africa LIR English 07-2005
Mozambique LIR English 04-2005




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