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IRR - 5 - FAQs


Is the Service Free?

Yes. To AFRINIC members in good standing.


Can I use it if not an AFRINIC member?

No. The AFRINIC IRR is free to use only for AFRINIC members and is not available to use for anyone else, other than basic querying/searching for routing policies defined by network operators that are AFRINIC members.


Can I use it if located outside Africa?

Yes – for querying/searching purposes.


Is it mirrored with other IRRs?



What happens to my routing policy in the APNIC, RADB, RIPE IRR?

It is recommended that AFRINIC members move their routing policies into the AFRINIC IRR, however, they are at liberty to choose what to do. If the choice is to remain using the APNIC, RADB, RIPE RR, nothing will break the existing data.


What happens to my routing policy in RADB and other IRRs?

This will also not be affected.


If I delete my route object in the APNIC, RADB, RIPE IRR, will it get deleted in the AFRINIC IRR?

No. Unless it is manually deleted from both IRRs.


I need assistance with the IRR syntax and RPSL. Do you have training on these?

Our training programs have a one-day “Internet Number Resource Management” (INRM) workshop which includes a comprehensive section on how to use the AFRINIC IRR. Please check out for where the next course will be!


I do not have a mnt-routes.

Since we previously did not support the IRR in our whois database, there were no mnt-routes attributes in inetnum/ine6num/aut-num objects. It is required to have these before adding route objects. For help creating one, please email  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


I forgot my mnt-routes password

Please email  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  for assistance with a new password.


We are changing peers/upstream and modifying/deleting routes.

If your network is part of your upstream providers AS, your route will have that upstream’s source ASN. Changing this will need to be done by your upstream ISP, and you need to contact them for it.


I need to do advanced routing policy specification not available in the route object.

Please read through RFC2622 and RFC2650 for more information.


Are there any automatic router configuration tools that use policies in IRRs?

Yes. The commonest is IRRToolset. Please see here for more information.