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Eligibility for resources request

Please use the tables below to find out which AFRINIC-delegated resources you are eligible for. You can propose changes to the current criteria or other AFRINIC policies that may affect your eligibility. Post your ideas to the AFRINIC policy working group mailing list. You can first subscribe by sending mail to policy-wg-request[at] with subscribe in the subject bar. To post to the list, send mail to policy-wg[at]

IPv4 Address Space
CriteriaRelated Policies
Initial Allocation: IPv4 Allocation and Assignment Policy in the AFRINIC region
  • Have used a reasonable number of IP addresses from upstream or need a /24 immediately
  • Have a plan to use at least a /23 within a year
  • Commit to renumber into the new address space within 3 months

Sub-Allocation: IPv4 Allocation and Assignment Policy in the AFRINIC region

Only LIRs can request a sub-allocation for their downstream ISPs. LIRS cannot sub-allocate above their sub-allocation window (SAW)

  • Initial SAW=0, usually raised upon request by LIR and audited by AFRINIC
  • LIR responsibility to monitor efficient utilization of assignments from these sub-allocations
  • LIR to ensure conservation is followed by their customers

Assignment: IPv4 Allocation and Assignment Policy in the AFRINIC region

LIRs can make assignments directly for their infrastructure and customers/end-user organizations without the need for AFRINIC hostmaster approval.

  • Only First assignment will be reviewed by AFRINIC
  • LIR to directly make assignments to infrastructure and end-user organisations
  • LIR must make sure that assignments are registered in the AFRINIC whois database. Such assignments cannot be further reassigned to other end-users
  • LIR may seek second opinion from AFRINIC at anyone time

Additional Allocation: Ipv4 Allocation and Assignment Policy in the AFRINIC region.

An additional allocation will be approved if:

  • 80% of the current allocation has been utilized or will be utilized by proof of a pending request
  • All previous assignments and sub-allocations made by the LIR were efficiently done, followed policy and are registered in the AFRINIC whois database
  • AFRINIC will do an audit before approving an additional allocation, and might request for some information or documentation from the LIR

IPv4 end-user (PI) or portable assignment End User Assignment Policy in the AFRINIC region.

Before AFRINIC can assign PI IPv4 address space, the requesting End-User organisation must meet the following criteria:

  • Be an AFRINIC member in good standing or be in the process of becoming an AFRINIC member
  • Show an existing efficient utilization of at least /25 (128 IP addresses) from their upstream provider / ISP, or show that at least 50% of the total IP addresses required over a two year period will be needed/utilized within the first 6 months


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IPv6 Address Space
CriteriaRelated Policies
Initial Allocation: IPv6 address policy in the AFRINIC region.
  • Should not be an end site
  • Should be an LIR
  • Plan to provide IPv6 connectivity to organizations in the AFRINIC region
  • Plan to assign a reasonable number of /48's to end-sites in the AFRINIC region within 12 months



  • Experiment to be defined according to RFC2026
  • Must be made public or published
  • Must not be for commercial use.

Sub-Allocation: IPv6 address policy in the AFRINIC region.

LIRs can sub-allocate to their downstream ISPs who will then (re)-assign to their end-users/customers. ( The current Ipv6 policy will be re-adjusted to take care of sub-allocations)

Assignment: IPv6 address policy in the AFRINIC region.

Assignments of /48 or more can be made to IXP and End-Sites. It is not necessary to send in a request for this. LIR must record any assignment in the AFRINIC whois database

IPv6 Provider Independent (PI) Assignment for End-Sites IPv6 for PI Assignment policy in the AFRINIC region
  • The end-site must not be an IPv6 LIR
  • The end-site must become an AFRINIC End User Member and pay the normal AFRINIC fee for its' membership category
  • The end site must either:
    • be a holder of IPv4 PI address space or
    • qualify for an IPv4 PI assignment from AFRINIC under the IPv4 policy currently in effect.
  • The end-site must justify the need for the IPv6 PI address space.
  • The 'end-site' must show a plan to use and announce the IPv6 provider independent address space within twelve (12) months. After that period, if not announced, the assigned IPv6 PI address space should be reclaimed and returned to the free pool by AFRINIC.

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AS Numbers
CriteriaRelated Policies
ASN Policy for Autonomous System Number Assignment in AFRINIC region

The organisation:

  • Should be multihomed, or will be soon
  • Should be an AFRINIC member
  • Has a single, clearly defined routing policy that is different from the organisation's upstream routing policies
  • May or may not be an LIR. In case your organisation is not an LIR, it must first become a member.

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Internet Exchange Points (IXPs)
CriteriaRelated Policies
IXP Policy for Autonomous System Number Assignment in AFRINIC region

The following information is needed:

  • Certificate of incorporation of the IXP from the appropriate government body or registry of companies
  • Membership Form and Registration Services Agreement.
  • PI/EU Address space request template. The above can be mailed to new-member[at] or faxed to +230 466 6758 . The request template should be emailed to hostmaster[at]

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