Events Calendar 2019

AFRINIC also participates in other international events such as the regional and global IGFs , RIR Meetings, AfPIF, and the I- Week Conference. Below is the list of events that AFRINIC is aware of and may be of interest.

If you know of any event not listed here that may be of interest to AFRINIC, please inform us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Events Title
Internet New Year event 17 January Amsterdam
Digital Retail Forum 30 January Sandton, South Africa
IT Web Cloud Summit 12 February Sandton, South Africa
Africa Tech Summit 13-15 February Kigali, Rwanda
APRICOT 2019 18-28 February Daejeon, South Korea
NANOG 75 18-20 February San Francisco
Middle East DNS Forum 20-21 February Dubai, UAE
Africa Tech Week 04-06 March Cape Town, South Africa
DataCon Africa 12-14 March Cape Town, South Africa
ICANN 64 09-14 March Kobe, Japan
WACREN 2019 14-15 March Accra, Ghana
Women in Tech Africa 2019 18-19 March Cape Town, South Africa
IETF 104 23-29 March Czech, Prague
Telecoms World Asia 2019 25-27 March Bangkok
DevConf 2019 26 March Cape Town, South Africa
IoT Forum Africa 2019 26-27 March Johannesburg, South Africa
ARIN 43 07-10 April Bridgetown, Barbados
Global Peering Forum 09-12 April Montreal
International Conference on Network Technology 09-12 April Cairo, Egypt
TEMS ICT Expo 24-26 April Nairobi, Kenya
IEEE Infocom 29 April-02 May Paris, France
IST-Africa May Nairobi, Kenya
LACNIC 31 06-10 May Punta Cana, Dominican City
Transform Africa 2019 07-10 May Kigali, Rwanda
ICANN DNS Symposium 10-11 May Bangkok, Thailand
East Africa Com 14-15 May Nairobi, Kenya
IEEE Infocom 29 April-02 May Paris, France
RIPE 78 20-24 May Reykjavik, Iceland
International Conference of ICT Development for Africa 28-29 May Bahir Dar, Ethiopia
Education Innovation Summit 29 May Johannesburg, South Africa
SWITCH 2019 07-08 June Jin Fei, Mauritius
West Africa Com 2019 10-11 June Dakar, Senegal
Africa Internet Summit 2019 (AIS'19) 09-21 June Kampala, Uganda
ICANN 65 24-27 June Marrakech, Morocco
France IGF 04 July Paris, France
Nigeria IGF 10 July Lagos, Nigeria
Ghana IGF 11 July Accra, Ghana
TEDSummit 2019 21-25 July Edingburh
IETF 105 20-26 July Montreal
7th Africa DNS Forum 22-24 July Gaborone, Botswana
Digital Transformation Congress 24-25 July Johannesburg, South Africa
West Africa Internet Governance Forum (WAIGF) 25-26 July Banjul, Gambia
CISO Africa 2019 07-08 August Cape Town, South Africa
Data Centre Summit 2019 13 August Santon, South Africa
Africa CACS Conference 19-20 August Johannesrburg, South Africa
AfPIF 2019 20-22 August Balaclava, Mauritius
SAFNOG & iWeek 2019 26-28 August Johannesrburg, South Africa
Formation des Formateurs de la Gouvernance de l'Internet (FFGI) 2019 26-30 August Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso
AI Expo Africa 04-05 September Cape Town, South Africa
APNIC 48 5-12 September Chiang Mai, Thailand
AFRISIG 2019 9-12 September  N'Djamena, Chad
Nigeria Com 11-12 September Lagos, Nigeria
SA Innovation Summit 11-13 September Cape Town, South Africa
Forum on Internet Freedom in Africa (FIFAFRICA) 23-26 September Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
IEEE AFRICON 2019 25-27 September Accra, Ghana
North Africa IGF 26-27 September Rabat, Morocco
LACNIC 32 07-11 October Panama City, Panama
EduTech Africa 2019 09-10 October Sandton, South Africa
AFRICATEK 15-16 October Dakar, Senegal
Africa Geospatial Data & Internet Conference 2019 22-24 October  Accra, Ghana
International Conference & Exhibition on ICT for Education, Training & Skills Development 23-25 October Abidjan, Côte D'ivoire
ngNOG 28 October-01 November Lagos, Nigeria
ARIN 44 31 October-01 November Austin, TX
ICANN 66 02-08 November Montreal
Africa 2019 GCCM 10-11 November  Cape Town, South Africa
AFRICARENA 11-12 November Cape Town, South Africa
AfricaComm 12-14 November CTICC, South Africa
IETF 106 16-22 November Singapore
CIO Summit 2019 21 November Naivasha, Kenya
IGF 25-29 November Berlin
Angolan Peering Forum 29-30 November Luanda, Angola
AFRINIC-31  2-6 December  Luanda, Angola
ASREN 2019    
Ghana Tech Summit 13-14 December Accra, Ghana
West Africa Com (2020) 08-09 July Dakar, Senegal



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