AFRINIC NomCom 2013 : Call for Volunteers

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This year, AFRINIC will run several Elections and according to our bylaws (Section 9), a Nomination committee appointed by the Board must work to ensure appropriate candidates are nominated to run for open seats (Seats 1, 2 and 7 - Bylaws Section 13)

The committee will be composed of 4 members as followed:

  • 1 member selected from within the Board
  • 3 members selected by Board from the community.

To fill the three positions open for the community we are looking for volunteers.

2013 FIRE Awards

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Get recognised. Be rewarded. Contribute to Africa ICT innovations. Join a select group of AFRINIC's FIRE Award winners.

To join the select group of FIRE winners, you must apply for the 2013 Awards. The winner gets US$ 3,000.

The Fund for Internet Research and Education (FIRE) is an initiative of AFRINIC, the regional Internet registry for Africa that aims to encourage innovation and find creative, accessible and acceptable solutions to Africa's ICT challenges.

Applications are open from 15 March 2013 to 31 May 2013.


Selected host countries for AFRINIC Training Workshops 2013

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Further to our Call for local hosts for AFRINIC Training workshops, we received 55 requests (from Governmental and Non – Governmental organisations, Higher Education Institutions and Internet Service Providers) for 2013, from 32 different countries. However due to the limitation of our resources, we only selected the following countries:


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