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Internet Routing Registry

This document is intended to help AFRINIC members to register their routing objects in the RIPE database. The RIPE IRR is a free service.The document is divided into 4 sections as follows:

1. Introduction:

This section gives general overview about the Internet Routing Registry.

IRR - Introduction


2. Mandatory Objects:

This section describes how to create the basic objects that will be referenced in the actual routing objects. Please go through the list and check if you already have those objects, if not then create the missing ones. Also, please go through the important notes, they will give basic idea about Internet Routing Registry.

IRR - Part "1"


3. Basic Objects:

This section describes how to create ASN and route objects in RIPE DB. These objects will be needed by any organisation that wants to propagate its resources in the Internet. In some cases, the ASN object might already be available; so there is no need to create it again.

IRR - Part "2"


4. Advanced Objects:

This section describes how to create the other objects that are not commonly used:

  • The route object for IPv6 prefix which will depend on whether you have IPv6 resources or not.
  • The AS-SET which is only needed by operators which provide IP transit services. They use the AS-SET object to indicate the ASNs of the customers whose traffic will cross their networks.

IRR - Part "3"