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AFRINIC Board Elections 2013: Call for Nominations

According to Section 13 of the AFRINIC Bylaws, the terms of following members occupying seats on the AFRINIC Board will expire at the end of June 2013:


  1. Primary: Neezar Sami (Northern Africa - Seat 1)
  2. Alternate: Khaled Koubaa (Northern Africa)
  3. Primary: Maimouna Diop (Western Africa - Seat 2)
  4. Alternate: Alioune Badara Traore (Western Africa)


In application of the new bylaws we will also need to fill the seat of one of two non-regional Directors (Seat 7).


As a result, three (3) seats on the AFRINIC Board will be open for election:


A) Seat 1: From Northern sub-region (Mandate: 2013 to 2016)

B) Seat 2: From Western sub-region (Mandate: 2013 to 2016)

C) Seat 7: Non-Regional Independent (Mandate: 2013 to 2016)



We are pleased to invite nominations for candidates to fill in the above seats. Any suitable natural person residing in one of the above sub-regions can be nominated provided they comply with the requirements Section 13.10-13 of the Bylaws.


Self-nominations and nominations by those who are not members of AFRINIC are allowed but the nomination must be formally backed by at least two  AFRINIC Members in good standing.


Nominees must demonstrate at least three years of managerial experience  in the Internet Protocol Service/Business or other Internet related organisation and preferably hold a senior level position..


Candidates must be able to actively participate and contribute to all activities conferred to the Board under Section 15 of the AFRINIC bylaws


Candidates must have a good comprehension of the English language (the working language of the Board).


Nominations must be sent using the online nomination form


The deadline for nominations is 12 May 2013 at 20:00 UTC.


For more information on the election process, please refer to [] to be familiar with the new process or, in case clarification is needed, please contact us at: nomcom2013[at]


Note: It is expected that candidates attend the AFRINIC-18 meeting in person on the Election Day (21 June 2013) where they will be afforded an opportunity to introduce themselves and to make a short presentation.


More information about AFRINIC is available at



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