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AFRINIC Policy Development WG: Call for nomination for 1 co-chair


AFRINIC is seeking nominations for a co-chair of the Policy Development Working Group (PDWG) for a two-year term.

PDWG co-chairs are a group of volunteers selected by the community (PDWG) as per the current Policy Development Process (PDP) whose responsibilities are as follows: 

  1. Chairing policy meeting sessions and declaring consensus.
  2. Creating post-meeting policy reports and posting to the mailing list.
  3. Sending notifications of Last Call and evaluating consensus or lack thereof.
  4. Writing reports to the AFRINIC Board to recommend ratification of policy proposals that gained consensus.
  5. Evaluating emergencies that necessitate varying the normal policy development process. 
  6. Creating reports (summaries) of mailing list discussions in preparation for face-to-face meetings.

Nominated candidates must be from the AFRINIC community and cannot be AFRINIC staff. Candidates can be nominated by anyone, excluding AFRINIC or other RIR staff, and must reside in a country within the AFRINIC service region.


To nominate a candidate, please send an email to the Nominations and Elections Committee ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) with the following information: 


(A) Information of the Nominee:
· Nominee (Full Name):
· Organisation name (or Affiliation):
· Position:
· E-mail address:
· Postal/Physical address:
· Phone number:
· Country of residence:
· Brief bio with a highlight of how the Nominee intends to contribute to the PDWG in particular and the Region's Policy Development Process (PDP) in General (not more than 500 words)


(B) Information of the Nominator: 
· Nominator’s Name:
· Organisation:
· E-mail address:
· Motivation for nomination: If self-nominated, please indicate "self" in section (B) above.


Or submit nomination using the online nomination form at:


More about the AFRINIC Policy Development Process:

More about the AFRINIC Election Process:

Please note the deadline for nomination is 26th May 2013, 23:59 UTC.


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