Research Publications

Below is a list of publications from the different research projects lead by the Research and Innovation team.
Research Publications

Studying performance barriers to cloud services in Africa's public sector

Cloud computing allows individuals and organisations to remotely lease storage and computation resources as needed. For such remote access to computational resources to work efciently, there is a need for well-developed Internet infrastructure to support reliable and low-delay delivery of trac. By carrying out the month-long Internet measurement ... read more..

Research Publications

Deep Diving into Africa’s Inter-Country Latencies

The Internet in Africa is evolving rapidly, yet remains significantly behind other regions in terms of performance and ubiquity of access. This clearly has negative consequences for the residents of Africa but also has implications for organisations designing future networked technologies that might see deployment in the region. This paper pr... read more..

Research Publications

Internet development in Africa: a content use, hosting and distribution perspective

With increasing demand for videos, streaming media, and for services such as cloud computing in Africa, broadband performance, and specifically how users experience performance, becomes increasingly important. In order to meet a growing demand for digital content, mobile operators across the continent have extensively invested in increasing capacit... read more..

Research Publications

DNS Lame delegations

The DNS, as one of the oldest components of the modern Internet, has been studied multiple times. It is a known fact that operational issues such as misconfigured name servers affect the responsiveness of the DNS server which could lead to delayed responses or failed queries. One of such misconfigurations is the lame delegation and this article exp... read more..

Research Publications

Insight Into Africa’s Country-level Latencies

This paper provides insight into the effects of cross-border infrastructure and logical interconnections in Africa on both intra-country and cross-border latency on end-to-end Internet paths, by comparing Internet performance measurements between different countries. We collected ICMP pings between countries using Speedchecker and applied a communi... read more..

Research Publications

Anti-Spam Mechanisms and Usage from RIR’s Perspective

This paper specifically deals with the different policies and technical frameworks at a Regional Internet Registry (RIR) level in terms of anti-spam measures. It also exposes the issue of spam from an Internet registry perspective, as an important element of the Internet technical infrastructure. We found out that, an RIR itself is not mandated to ... read more..

Research Publications

Avoid losing your way on the information superhighway

Internet routing security has been a hot topic for many years. Can a new series of protocols released by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) to operate via a framework known as the Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI) provide the solution to internet users’ security fears? Imagine you are driving your car from town A to town Z. You read more..

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