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AFRINIC and ITU discuss possible collaborations

AFRINIC participated in the recent meeting of ITU-D Study Group 1 on "Enabling environment for the development of telecommunications/ICTs” and group 2 on ICT services and applications for the promotion of sustainable development, from 17-28 February 2020, and was represented by Head of Stakeholder’s Engagement, Mr Arthur Cardinal. 

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 Mr Cardinal from AFRINIC with Ms Doreen Bogdan-Martin from the ITU-D

Mr Cardinal and ITU Telecommunication Development Bureau Director Doreen Bogdan-Martin discussed possible collaboration between AFRINIC and the ITU. The collaboration, based on an MoU signed between AFRINIC and the ITU in 2014, deals with IPv6 use and its use for development in Africa.  The promotion of IPv6 deployment, as a critical requirement for deployment of broadband and smart cities in developing countries, especially in Africa, was also discussed. Further, the possibility of bringing AFRINIC Trainings to the ITU Academy and ITU Centres of Excellence on the Africa Continent was discussed.

In addition, the two organisations are keen on research on such issues as the State of Internet Measurement in Africa. This will contribute to data collection and analysis to measure the use of information and promote informed decision-making.AFRINIC invited the ITU to take part in AFGWG (AFRINIC Government Working Group) activities by participating and sharing their view on the Internet’s capacity to catalyse change in the ICT sector, accelerate economic development and transform countries and societies.




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