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Participate in the webinar “Fake news and how social media apps can help mitigate these’’

AFRINIC, in collaboration with ISOC Cote D’Ivoire and Facebook, is organising a webinar on Thursday, 28 May 2020 from14:00 to 15:00 GMT. The event will address the issue of fake news and the Facebook approach to tackle fake news through their fact-checking programme.
 Discussions will revolve around:
   1.        AFRINIC 101
   2.        General view on fake news
   3.        Facebook 10 
   4.        Facebook's approach to fake news and misinformation
   5.        The Fact-checking program
 The speakers for this event will be Brice ABBA Community development Manager, from the Stakeholder Engagement Department at AFRINIC and Balkissa Idé Siddo - Responsable des politiques publiques pour l'Afrique Francophone, Facebook.
   The Meeting will be held virtually through the Zoom platform. We invite you to register for this event at https://bit.ly/Inscription_FakeNews_Conference
   This webinar will be in French.

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