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Internet Number Resources (IPv6, IPv4, ASN) Management for the African region

Members must always satisfy the policy requirements regarding the resources allocated to them by AFRINIC. It is therefore very important for an AFRINIC member to manage their actual Internet Number Resources, and be able to request additional resources in the future as per the current policies and established procedures.

MyAFRINIC is a web-based portal designed for AFRINIC members to manage their contact information, resources, billing and support requests through a simple, user-friendly interface. All AFRINIC members are registered on the member portal as well as the AFRINIC WHOIS Database. The registered contact persons of each AFRINIC member are given login credentials to access the MyAFRINIC portal. The registered contact persons should ensure that the organisation’s information is valid at all times.

Please consult the FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions - which details the steps you need to manage your resources. (FAQ).

1. Manage Organisation’s information

AFRINIC encourages its members to keep their organisation’s contact information up-to-date at all times. Our members can maintain their details (physical address, contact telephone numbers and email addresses) by logging in on the MyAFRINIC portal and editing the information.

Any changes made to the organisation’s details will subsequently be reflected on the AFRINIC WHOIS database.

It is possible for each organisation’s contact to manage his information by simply logging in on the portal and editing the information. Currently, a member cannot update his registered contacts (should they change). Such requests must be forwarded to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Valid organisation/resource information on the MyAFRINIC portal will ensure that the publicly available AFRINIC WHOIS database is also updated with valid information.

2. Manage registered contact information

There are three types of contacts in general - Administrative, Technical and Billing. The rights of each type of contact differs on MyAFRINIC:

  • Administrative Contact - The administrative contact will have the overview of the member’s account on MyAFRINIC.
  • Technical Contact - The technical contact will be able to register assignments, reverse delegations and request for additional resources on behalf of the organisation.
  • Billing Contact - The billing contact will be able to view the billing summary of the organisation, download an invoice as well as pay by credit card using the on-line payment system available on the portal.

Each registered contact is able to maintain and update a member’s details (address, e-mail address & telephone number).

3. Resource Management

Management of the IP resources allocated to each member usually entails the following tasks (registration of the IPv4/IPv6 IPs being assigned to the customers on the AFRINIC WHOIS database, registering reverse delegations, and protecting resources on the AFRINIC WHOIS database.

3.1 IPv4 Assignments

The LIR members must register the usage of their allocations on the AFRINIC WHOIS database. Each of the addresses ranges falling in the category below must be registered separately: An end-site or customer with 4 or more IP addresses A subnet for your own network infrastructure Any range from which IPs are dynamically assigned In addition, Registration of specific assignments in the AFRINIC WHOIS database will prevent the member’s allocation from being blacklisted in case of the member’s customers generating spam.

3.2. Reverse delegations

Reverse DNS delegations allow applications to map to a domain name from an IP address. Each organisation should properly manage its reverse lookup zone. You may consult the information available here to learn more about setting up reverse DNS.

3.3. Maintainer object

A maintainer was created for you using the MD5-PW algorithm and the password communicated to you in the ticket response by the AFRINIC hostmaster. We recommend that you implement the PGP auth for your maintainer. AFRINIC has documented the steps which will help its members to create/update your maintainer object.

3.4. Route objects

Route objects and other routing information can only be created in an Internet Routing Registry (IRR). The AFRINIC IRR acts as part of the global IRR system that consists of several other databases where network operators publish their routing policies and announcements in order for other interested network operators to use that data, for ease of interconnecting and working together. There are other IRRs, including ARIN, APNIC, RIPE, RADB and many others. For more details, please see

3.5. How to request for an additional prefix allocation

Any request for new allocation or assignments of IP addresses must adhere to the following: Your account must be in good standing. Verify at (Billing -> Summary Statement). An account in good standing has zero balance. If in doubt, check with billing at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • Ensure that your request originates from a registered contact in MyAFRINIC ( under My Organisation)
  • Your total IPv4 address utilisation must account for at least 80% of the entire allocation.
  • Ensure that the allocated or assigned prefixes are well registered in AFRINIC WHOIS database.
  • Request for the additional prefix from the MyAFRINIC

4. Update/change in registered contacts (MyAFRINIC/WHOIS)

In case of the current contacts leaving your organisation or moving on to new responsibilities within your organisation, AFRINIC recommends that its hostmasters are notified about this change and details of the new contacts be given so that the contacts for the organisation/resources are updated on the AFRINIC databases

5. Need help

For any queries related to your account, you may contact the Customer Services Team at service-support@afrinic[dot]net For resources requests or management, you may contact the AFRINIC hostmasters at hostmaster@afrinic[dot]net. For WHOIS database related queries, you may contact afrinicdbm@afrinic[dot]net.

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