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AFRINIC Members are using IPv6, IPv4 and AS Numbers in the African region to

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Requesting resources: Steps and Eligibility criteria

Before submitting your application, it is recommended that you verify your eligibility for resource membership, understand what policies shall apply to your resource request and ensure you have all the required documentation as per the checklist.


AS Numbers

  • Be an AFRINIC member in good standing or be in the process of becoming an AFRINIC member.
  • Should be multihomed(peering with two different ASes), or planning to be in the near future.
  • Has a single, clearly defined routing policy that is different from the organisation's upstream routing policies.
  • Holds at least a /24 IPv4 or /48 IPv6 from an LIR or is seeking its first IP delegation from AFRINIC


  • Be an AFRINIC member in good standing or be in the process of becoming an AFRINIC member
  • Have a plan to use at least a /23 within the next 8 months
  • Can demonstrate the existence of network infrastructure in Africa
  • Have a valid service license in the country of operation, if a license is required.

Internet Exchange Points (IXP)

  • Provide evidence of legal presence in Africa. If the IXP is not a legally registered entity, another organisation may represent the IXP
  • Provide the ASNs and contact details of at least three BGP peers and/or the signed MoU by the peers
  • Provide evidence showing that the IXP is public and open.


  • Should not be an end site
  • Should be an LIR
  • Plan to provide IPv6 connectivity to organizations in the AFRINIC region
  • Plan to assign a reasonable number of /48's to end-sites in the AFRINIC region within 12 months

Assigned Anycast

  • Be an AFRINIC member in good standing or be in the process of becoming an AFRINIC member
  • The IP resource will be used for the sole purpose of providing anycast services
  • Have upstream international connectivity or transit
  • Have a network plan with details of the location for all the nodes
  • Description of network routing plans

Global Operators in AFRINIC Region

AFRINIC has observed an increase in membership and IP resource requests coming from established global operators with a local presence in but headquartered outside the AFRINIC service region.

As per the actual practice, due diligence is conducted by the AFRINIC Hostmasters to ensure compliance with the IPv4 allocation policy stipulations and establish justified needs.

These operators need to adapt to what AFRINIC, as RIR, requires from them as supporting information(and this practice may differ from their experience with other RIRs).


New Membership Request

Our checklist will help the global operators in submitting a complete request with information that will enable a quick and successful evaluation.  It has been adapted to fit the business of these global operators and also gleaned from experience at handling their resource requests. It is also consistent with and conforms to the current operational practices regarding resource requests evaluation.

Additional IP Resources Request

Afrinic as of the date of publication of this document; is in the first phase of IPv4 Soft landing, as defined in the Softlanding policy that is outlined under section 5.4 of the consolidated policy manual. The policy, in brief, stipulates that organisations, either new registrants or already existing members have to demonstrate their IPv4 needs for the next 8 months and the already existing members who require additional IP resources must meet certain conditions in the policy and some business rules.

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