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Verifying your membership information

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verify1The AFRINIC WHOIS Database is an essential source of reference for the Internet community as it contains information such as the Internet number registrations, routing information, reverse DNS delegations, abuse contact information and more.

As per “Article 2(d) & (g)” of the Registration Service Agreement, AFRINIC members shall comply with maintaining the accuracy of their organisation’s details in AFRINIC database. ALL members should ensure that their registration information is accurate and up to date at all times. Registered contacts should conduct a verification of the following:

  • Organisation legal name
  • General & billing addresses
  • Phone numbers and general contact emails
  • Registered contact information: Admin, Technical and Billing
  • Admin/Technical WHOIS contacts for the organisation object



Importance of updating your organisation information

  • Receive important notices by email and be reachable by phone
  • Courier hand delivery to your physical address
  • Receive Invoices and settle payments within the due date
    • Avoid Penalty fees
    • Avoid Account closure
  • Board Elections voting
    • Only registered contacts can vote online or onsite.
  • Avoid delays in requests processing
    • Only registered contacts can request for additional resources or other updates to a member’s account
  • Whois inaccuracy complaint
    • AFRINIC takes reasonable steps to investigate and correct inaccurate Whois data.


 To learn more about how to get your details verified on MyAFRINIC click here.


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