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webmaster2Job Description


‎1. Job Background‎

(A) Job Summary/Mission of Role

Reporting to the Head of Communications and Public ‎Relations, the Webmaster will be primarily responsible for ‎designing, maintaining and updating content and multimedia ‎objects for the AFRINIC website. (S)he will provide regular ‎analysis of the website's business health and create ‎conversion paths so that the marketing team can monitor ‎their campaign efforts. The person will also be responsible for ‎the design and maintenance of AFRINIC meeting websites as ‎well as other AFRINIC websites. ‎

‎(S)he must demonstrate exceptional communication and ‎organisational skills, keen attention to detail, good follow-up, ‎self motivation and proven ability to effectively multitask, the ‎ability to work productively with little supervision, and the ‎ability to work as part of a team responsible for increasing ‎AFRINIC's awareness through various marketing events and ‎activities. ‎

  • Department: Communications & Public Relations
  • Job title: Webmaster
  • Reports to: Head of Communications & PR.
  • Number of direct reports: None.


(B) Qualifications/ Work Experience

  1. Minimum of a first degree in a computer science or ‎related discipline. Masters degree will be a plus.‎
  2. Minimum of 3 years of job-related experience with ‎relational database management experience (MySQL ‎preferred). ‎
  3. Excellent understanding and command of CMS ‎systems, Scripting and HTML tools
  4. Experience in developing promotional websites and ‎online campaign material
  5. Good command of programming language such as ‎PERL, PHP, Java.‎
  6. Knowledge of UNIX/Linux operating systems including ‎command language and file editors.‎
  7. Solid understanding of web application security ‎issues, e.g. OWASP Top Ten.‎
  8. Ability to understand complex instructions.‎
  9. Ability to perform security evaluation and ‎vulnerability assessment of systems.‎
  10. Experience with security assessment tools and ‎products, e.g. AppScan, WebGoat, Burp Suite, w3af, etc.‎
  11. Professional database management and IT security ‎certification will be a plus.‎
  12. Business intelligence, data mining, OLAP cube ‎development and reporting experience is a plus.‎
  13. Ability to perform database programming, ‎optimization and tuning.‎
  14. Ability to perform tasks with minor supervision.‎
  15. Good interpersonal skill, strong verbal and written ‎skills.‎


‎2. Reporting Structure

 webmaster reporting structure

 ‎3. Key Responsibilities‎

Title  Description Weight
Website Design and Maintenance
  1. Provide excellent customer service to all levels of users and encourage accuracy, timeliness, consistency of style and navigation across the web site.
  2. Responsible for day-to-day maintenance, compliance, and continuity of a comprehensive web site and directly related sites.
  3. Plan, review, and continuously evaluate the AFRINIC websites.
  4. Maintain and regularly upload content/graphics for the AFRINIC websites as well as continuously improve the websites in terms of navigability and ease of use.
  5. Design and maintain any event websites and other websites as and when required by AFRINIC.
  6. Design flash or any multimedia animation needed for websites.
  7. Coordinate with AFRINIC System Administration management to establish priorities for website application development.
  8. Provide timely response to all requests addressed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and ensure timeliness and accuracy of web page information and resolution of problems.
  9. Develop web page infrastructure, utilise applications to ensure technical performance and assess new technologies for applicability to AFRINIC needs.
  10. Work with network personnel on issues of hardware/software that affect the AFRINIC web site.
  11. Contribute to the development of online tools/application assigned as joint project with the Technical Operations Area for as and when required.
  12. Development of Mobile Apps (Android & IOS) for selected AFRINIC websites and services
  13. Ensure compliance with applicable AFRINIC policies on web site usage, security and International standards.
Project Management
  1. Provide assistance/consultation/ project management on specific activities and on Project Basis as and when assigned by Head of Communications & PR
General Responsibilities
  1. Ensure that all processes are clearly documented as per ISO 9001 standards
  2. Perform other duties as required and assigned by the Head of Department and the CEO.


4. Competencies

Technical Behavioural
  • Ability to develop and produce excellent designs to capture the attention of diverse audiences; excellent project management skills.
  • Ability to enhance operating efficiency and effectiveness through results and an analytical mind that foster performance improvement.
  • AFRINIC’s Behavioural Competencies as applicable to all staff and as revised from time to time. 

5. AFRINIC Expectations‎

In carrying out essential duties, an individual should demonstrate commitment to AFRINIC's mission ‎and values, working as one team towards delivering excellence in service.‎

This includes but is not limited to:‎

  • Demonstrates a shared commitment to fulfilling team and organisational goals co-‎operatively
  • Strives for excellence and focuses on continuously improving outcomes ‎
  • Displays professionalism through competence, high standards, self management and a ‎service ethic ‎
  • Displays integrity through ethical behaviour, constructive contribution, and use of ‎appropriate channels ‎
  • Makes responsible use of member funds through efficient use of time, funds and resources
  • Models respect by being punctual, reliable, prepared, courteous, and responsive



  • If you wish to apply for this position, please send a letter of motivation accompanied by your CV, ‎both in English, by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , putting as email subject title the job reference; ‎afjob-WM-20181226‎
  • APPLICATION DEADLINE: 31st January 2019‎
  • Start date: As soon as possible ‎
  • Interviews will be held at AFRINIC office in Ebène or telephone interviews will be conducted for ‎candidates outside Mauritius.‎


AFRINIC reserves the right to call only the best qualified candidates for an interview and not to make ‎any appointment following this advertisement.‎



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