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Govcom Nomination 2019

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The Nominations Committee 2019 is pleased to announce that the AFRINIC Governance Committee Nomination process is open. One Governance Committee position is up for election by the AFRINIC Membership, to serve a three-year term from 1 January 2020 to 31 December 2022. The seat is currently held by Isatou Jah.


Criteria for Governance committee


Some of the responsibilities of the AFRINIC Governance Committee as described in its current terms of reference. Matters on which the Governance Committee may provide advice include, but are not limited to:

  • The legal framework of AFRINIC, including the place and manner of company registration;
  • Bylaws of the company;
  • The election process for Board members, including eligibility requirements, nomination process, and voting process, but excluding the proceedings within any nomination committee, election committee, or similar body;
  • Election or appointment process for persons appointed by the AFRINIC community, Membership, or Board, to any committees or other bodies, but excluding the internal proceedings within any nomination committee, election committee, or similar body;
  • Creation, removal, and terms of reference, of any AFRINIC related bodies, including the Governance Committee itself, but excluding the Board, and excluding any bodies that are outside the Governance Committee’s scope;
  • The general performance of the Board or any AFRINIC related body;


Criteria and qualifications for eligibility

A nominee shall be nominated by one (1) AFRINIC member in good standing and seconded by one (1) AFRINIC member in good standing or be formally endorsed by at least two (2) AFRINIC members in good standing (i.e. they must not have unpaid fees) in case of self-nomination. A member can nominate no more than one candidate and can second any number of candidate.

No person shall be appointed as a member of the Governance Committee if he or she is a person who:

(i) is under 18 years of age;

(ii) is an undischarged bankrupt;

(iii) is not a natural person; or

(iv) has been adjudged to have been of unsound mind 

In-line with 5.2.3 of the Governance committee charter, Governance committee members shall be resident in the AFRINIC service region.

In-line with 5.2.7 of the Governance committee Charter, none of the elected members may be an AFRINIC Director or an AFRINIC employee.

A nominee shall:

  1. Have participated in at least one (1) AFRINIC activity (physically or online) in the past three (3) years.
  2. Be familiar with the legal framework of AFRINIC and its Bylaws;
  3. Be able to demonstrate that his/her activities are in the best interest of the African Internet Community.
  4. Be available for at least 10 hours monthly and be committed to actively participate in Governance Committee meetings (online).



Please complete the nomination form available at to nominate yourself or a person of your choice.

The Closure of the Candidate Nomination period is 15th april at 20:00 UTC.

Note: It is expected that proposed candidates should be able to attend physical or online the upcoming AFRINIC 30 Meeting, taking place in Kampala, Uganda, in person on the day of the election, 20th June 2019, where they will have an opportunity to introduce themselves to the members and make a short presentation during the Annual General Members Meeting (AGMM). Details on the election process can be found at

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