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CEO's Monthly Update - March 2020

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Dear Members,


Greetings from Addis Ababa where I attended the Ethiopia Internet Development Conference. We have come to make a statement of support to the Internet Development in Ethiopia and in Africa as a whole as well as growing existing strategic partnerships with different stakeholders.

Some updates on the key focus area:

  1. The investigation is ongoing to Mauritius police and we will also collaborate with International Law Enforcement due to the International nature of the issue. The reversal process for wrongly allocated resources is happening at a pace that allows us to do a thorough assessment before we apply any changes to ensure the company is above reproach should a court case be raised out of the changes we are doing.
  2. In the technical space, we have managed to have our second site live in Johannesburg which will improve our resilience. About 60% of services are in an automatic redundant mode as the team is working at increasing this percentage. Another site that would improve on geographic resilience is being discussed and should be acted upon as soon as possible. Besides, the IRR function on MyAfrinic is being tested by the Database Working Group and should go live within this month is it passes the test. The full integration with RPKI will not be part of the release but should be part of MyAfrinic V2. We have put together a team dedicated to producing a fresher version of our resource management portal. The team is currently in the planning phase and will consult with you very soon for the features to include in their first release which should hopefully happen in the second half of this year. A project schedule will be shared once the planning phase is completed.
  3. Our paper on the "State of Internet Measurement in Africa" has been published and your comments or feedback are appreciated. Measurement is a very key component in assessing the growth we are expecting to see on the continent.

We are also following closely the development around the Covid 19 worldwide (coronavirus) and assessing its potential impact on our meeting in Kinshasa. With the current situation on the continent, there is not yet strong elements to lead us towards any change but we will act very responsibly in this situation.

I appreciate the multiple feedback that was provided after my first message (even those made privately) and some future actions will derive from your proposals.


Thanks and regards

Eddy Kayihura,




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