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AFRINIC Calls for Comments on Selected Candidates for AFRINIC Elections

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AFRINIC Calls for Comments on Selected Candidates for AFRINIC Elections

Call for commentsEvery year, AFRINIC organises elections that play a vital role in its governance. Elections are usually held during the AFRINIC and AIS Meetings which are convened for AFRINIC members and the Internet fraternity at large.

Things have, however, changed mostly due to the COVID-19 pandemic. AIS’20 is scheduled to take place online from 14 to 18 September and as such all AFRINIC elections will take place online.

Elections at AFRINIC have defined processes and timelines. They are overseen by the Elections Committee which is responsible for handling the pre-election processes for all elections held by AFRINIC and liaising with the Chair of the Election NomCom before, during and after election day. The Elections Committee consists of AFRINIC staff who are appointed by the CEO.

The main responsibility of the Nomination Committee is to screen and propose suitable candidates for all AFRINIC elections and is made up of volunteers following an open call to the community.

Nomcom2020 has announced the publication of the candidates' slates for the elections taking place during the AIS’20 Online Meeting.

Members and the community are invited to post their comments on the suitability of candidates for the positions at stake for open seats on the Board of Directors, Governance Committee, the Policy Development Working Group and the Number Resource Organisation Number Council.

You can read more about the election processes at

Registration for the Meeting remains a pre-requisite for all those wishing to attend AIS’20 sessions. However, specific rules apply to those who are eligible to vote in the elections. More details about participation will be communicated in due course.

We invite and encourage you to register for the AIS’20 online Meeting.

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