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Resignation of Mrs Wafa Dahmani from the ASO AC

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Dear Colleagues,


AFRINIC hereby informs its membership and community that Mrs Wafa Dahmani has resigned from her ASO Address Council (ASO AC) position from 15 May 2022.

Mrs Wafa Dahmani was appointed by the AFRINIC’s board of directors (Board) on the ASO AC for the AFRINIC region from February 2022 to December 2022.

Following her resignation from ASO AC, Mrs Dahmani can no longer sit as representative of the ASO AC on the Policy Development Working Group Appeal Committee.

In the circumstances, AFRINIC will soon initiate the process for the appointment of the Board nominee in the ASO Address Council (ASO AC) and the replacement of Mrs Dahmani on the Policy Development Working Group Appeal Committee.

We would like to thank Mrs Dahmani for contributing to the ASO Address Council and Policy Development Working Group Appeal Committee.


Eddy Kayihura,
Chief Executive Officer,
African Network Information Centre (AFRINIC).
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