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IPv6 presentations

Title Presenter Meeting Date
The Internet and adoption of change. V6 the African perspective
IPv6 for non technical engineer
Public applications based on IPv6
IPv6 strategy for large providers
IPv6 deployment in the LACNIC region
IPv6 based wireless mesh networks
Optimising VOIPv6 and video applications on mobile 802.11x netwoks
The cost of not deploying IPv6
IPv6 in Africa: The present situation
IPv6 exhaustion: Transitioning to IPv6
IPv6 a long term solution for IPv4 address shortage
IPv6 deployment at Posix
IPv4 exhaustion: what is the situation
v6 Mandela
IPv6 deployment in Latin America and Caribbean: A model for Africa
Africa The IPv6 factor. A luxury or a necessity
The IPv6 road to unchartered territories of growth opportunities 
IPv6 deployment: Security issues: Thinking outside the NAT box
France Telecom IPv6 strategy: an IPv6 case
The Egyptian IPv6 TF. Update and lessons learned
The e2e internet IPv6  around the world
The Tunisian IPv6 Project
Connecting enterprise network to v6 backbone over a tunnel