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Governance Committee Letter to the Community

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Dear Community,


The Governance Committee (GC) would like to first thank the community for electing/nominating and having confidence in them to steer AFRINIC’s Governance Agenda.

The GC had its first meeting on February, 16th 2017 whose aim was to map out its work plan. The meeting decided that The GC should first work on AFRINIC bylaws review based on the last review passed in MRU After the Bylaw review, a report of the same will be shared with the community with specific questions on Items that need to be addressed by the community.

We prioritised to reconsider the last resolutions proposed by the CEO of AFRINIC that had support but did not meet the required threshold to pass through and advise the CEO and members on the potential ones that should be relooked at.

The second aim of this letter is to request the communities’ advice on other areas of the bylaws and issues which need to be addressed by the GC as a matter of priority within its mandate. We look forward to working closely with you and thank you for your support.


Best Regards

AFRINIC Governance Committee

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