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2018 August

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Registration for AFRINIC-29 is Open

We are pleased to inform you that registration is now open for the AFRINIC-29 Meeting, being held in Hammamet, Tunisia from 26 November to 30 November 2018. You can register online at:https://meeting... read more..


Tunisia to host the 29th AFRINIC public policy meeting

Tunisia will in November host hundreds of key players in the African and global Internet industry sector at the 29th public policy meeting of the African Network Information Centre (AFRINIC). The e... read more..


Projects selected for the FIRE Africa Grants program 2018

We are pleased to announce the winning projects selected for the FIRE Africa Grants program 2018. These projects have been chosen from a list of 106 proposals received from 17 countries from Africa fo... read more..

Consolidated Policy Manuals

Consolidated Policy Manual (v1.2)

This CPM version is superseded by this CPM version   About the CPM Revision History Abbreviations FAQ About the CPM Version 1.2 Click here to view list of individual policies (pre-CP... read more..


Announcement of Forthcoming DNSSEC KSK Rollover

ICANN has announced its plan to proceed with the DNSSEC KSK Roll on 11 October 2018, which will result in KSK-2017 replacing KSK-2010. This change is part of ICANN’s security best practice in managing... read more..

Policy Archive

Clarification on IPv6 Sub-Assignments (Draft 2)

Details Proposal Details Ref. Name:AFPUB-2018-V6-002-DRAFT02 Versions: 2.0  Status: Under Discussion Obsoletes:  Author: Jordi Palet Martinez jordi.p read more..


AFRINIC Board Ratifies Policy Proposals

The community is hereby informed that at its meeting of 8th August 2018, the AFRINIC Board ratified the following policy proposals:  1) IPv6 Policy and references Update (AFPUB-2018-V6-00... read more..

About Us

Governance Committee Election Process 2018

Election and Nomination process for GovCom Members 1. Introduction The AFRINIC Governance Committee (GC) is a standing committee whose purpose is to advise the AFRINIC Board, AFRINIC Membership, and... read more..

GovCom Register

Governance Committee - Register of Requests

∗ Shall be acknowledged within 3 working days from the date of submission: ∗∗ Shall be responded to within six weeks of the date of submission.       Reference GC2020.05 ... read more..

Blog (EN)

Bringing Law Enforcement Into the RIPE Community

Thanks to a changing technological and political landscape, it's become more important than ever for the RIPE NCC to engage the law enforcement community. The first time I dealt with the RIPE NCC and... read more..

About Us

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test desc dropdown Pointer 1 titlejoomla Point Point read more..

Research Publications

Studying performance barriers to cloud services in Africa's public sector

Cloud computing allows individuals and organisations to remotely lease storage and computation resources as needed. For such remote access to computational resources to work efficiently, there is a ne... read more..

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