About Proposal 'Simple Update of the PDP'

Summary of the problem being addressed by this proposal

The Policy Development Working Group (PDWG) discusses about the policy proposals and anyone may participate either in the Resource Policy Discussion mailing list (RPD) and the bi-annual Public Policy Meetings (PPM).

However, not all RPD participants are able to attend all the PPM, where the Chairs determine whether rough consensus has been achieved, so discrimination is generated towards those not able to attend, which usually are a much larger group.

With its requirement of face-to-face participation at the PPM, the current PDP might – at least partially – be the cause of the low levels of community participation in the process.

This proposal would simplify the process by not requiring participation at the in-person PPM to achieve consensus – instead, consensus would be determined balancing the mailing list and the forum – and would therefore increase community participation. 


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Versions: 2.0 

Status: Witdrawn

Obsoletes: CPM 3.0 - The Policy Development (PDP)


Jordi Palet Martinez

jordi.palet at theipv6company.com

The IPv6 Company


Amends: CPM ar 3.0
20 October 2018

Revision History



20 November 2018  

Version 2: AFPUB-2018-GEN-002-DRAFT02

Addresses issues from Staff Assessment of version 1

23 October 2018

Version 1: AFPUB-2018-GEN-002-DRAFT01

Initial Draft Posted to rpd

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