About Proposal 'IPv6 PI Update''



Versions 1: AFPUB-2018-V6-004-DRAFT01

Initial Draft Posted to rpd.

Status: Under Discussion



Jordi Palet Martinez

jordi.palet at theipv6company.com

The IPv6 Company


Amends: CPM art 6.8
28 March 2018


Summary of the Problem Being Addressed by this Policy Proposal

Since this policy was developed, the IPv4 addressing space has been exhausted, and the IPv6 deployment has evolved, so it doesn’t make sense to tie an IPv6 policy to the existence or IPv4 (same way as it is not tied the initial allocation policy).

In addition to that, because AFRINIC provided IPv6 PI at no cost to existing IPv4 PI holders, it may happen that the “default” assignment was requested without a proper addressing plan and this may not be the correct one at the implementation time.



Similar text exists and/or has been proposed in related policy documents at other RIR communities.



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