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AFRINIC-1 Public Policy Meeting Minutes |24 May 2004 | Dakar Senegal


The morning of Monday 24th was dedicated to discussions on AfriNIC policies: IPv4, IPv6, ASN and reverse delegation. The policy discussions w preceded by two presentations on ‘IPv4 life time’ and problem of intensive usage of NAT.

The Policy discussions started with a brief presentation by Ernest Byaruhanga about the policy development process proposed for our region. He said that the process is composed of 6 steps starting with the policy proposal and ending with the final
adoption by the Board.

After each presentation the floor was given to the community to comment on these policies.

Many practical questions and comments were received especially about the transition from the actual LIR status to the AfriNIC’s one for those already operating local registry.

At the end there was a global consensus on all of them.


The provided text is an excerpt from the AFRINIC 1 meeting report.

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