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AFRINIC-4 Public Policy Meeting Minutes | 17 May 2006 | Nairobi Kenya


Policy Proposals in the AfriNIC region

Alan Barrett, AfriNIC Board Member talked about policies in the AfriNIC region. He remarked that anybody can make a proposal in the AfriNIC region.
He mentioned approval of the Board for the following policies:

  • PI Direct Assignments to End User Organisations and Critical Infrastructure.
  • Temporary address assignments
  • Change the criteria for ASN assignments
  • Allocation of IPv6 address space by IANA to RIRs

Two proposals are under discussion:

  • 4 byte ASN policy proposal. He outlined a road map for requesting 4 byte ASN proposal and stated that from 1 January 2010, AfriNIC will cease to differentiate between 2-byte and 4-byte only AS Numbers.
  • IPv6 PI Policy Proposal
    This proposal will allow end users to get /32 of PI space from a special block. This policy is intended to provide a solution for organizations that have a need for provider independent assignments in IPv6.

Discussions regarding the above proposals

There main discussions centered around the IPv6 PI policy proposal

  • There are no demand in the AfriNIC region for PI thus the policy may not be relevant.
  • However, one needs to look for the future and hence anticipate that demand for PI space
  • A similar policy has been adopted by the ARIN Board
  • What size space would be appropriate for the region? /48 may be appropriate and will not be filtered. A /32 may be too large
  • There should be more details on the charges or fees of /32 PI
  • More discussion is needed on the mailing list on this policy

There was less discussion on the ASN 4 byte proposal. The few views expressed in the meeting were in favour of the proposal although some participants think that this may not be too relevant for the AfriNIC region for the time being. There is consensus to move forward with this proposal.


The provided text is an excerpt from the AFRINIC 4 meeting report.

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