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AFRINIC-7 Public Policy Meeting Minutes | 27 September 2007 | Durban South Africa


Discussion on Open Policy Proposals – Hisham R. Rojoa

The two global IPv4 exhaustion proposals were delivered today.

  1. Global policy for the allocation of the remaining IPv4 address space
  2. JPNIC proposal

There was consensus that something needs to be done.

There was consensus that there should be equal allocation amongst the RIRs.

Both policies were then submitted for a show of hands to the community to see if there was consensuson the proposals.

For the first policy when called for a show of hands there were 9 hands in favour.

There was a call for a show of hands for the JPNIC proposal and there were 5 hands in favour.

When asked who is against both proposals there was 1 response.

It was determined that the first proposal reached consensus, but would be referred to the mailing list to determine consensus on the value of N.

In relation to the first proposal there was a call for a show of hands for the end count.

N = 1- 6 hands
N = 2 - 6 hands
N = 3 - 0 hands
N = 4 - 0 hands
N = 5 - 0 hands

This policy is now going to the mailing list for further discussion to determine N = ?

The provided text is an excerpt from the AFRINIC 7 meeting report.

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