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AFRINIC - 9 Public Policy Meeting Minutes | 28 November 2008 | Balaclava Mauritius


Policy Presentation & Discussion – by Vincent Ngundi,

VN started by saying that he would give a brief of some policy discussion by other RIRs and what that meant for the AfriNIC region. The main one is the issues surrounding the IPv4 exhaustions and other housekeeping policies. He outlined the main aim of the NRO with regards to the exhaustion is to protect the unallocated pool and to protect the bottom up process. He outlined how the other RIRs view the transfer procedures. He also explained the process of recovering unallocated address blocks by some RIRs. There is a proposal on address transfers by APNIC, RIPE, ARIN.

Some proposals have much supports but not consensus. VN then gave an overview of all policies under discussion in the other RIR regions. He listed all the pending policies and the ones that need to be revised and those that have been abandoned.

During the last AfriNIC meeting in Morocco, there were two policies; one was the policy development process which is already implemented, and the other one was the global policy regarding the allocation of the remaining IPv4 addresses. VN outlined some of the topics which will be opened for discussion within the AfriNIC region; for example if we should open the market for organisations outside the region. VN open the floor to questions/comments. There were none.


The provided text is an excerpt from the AFRINIC 9 meeting report.

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