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AFRINIC - 11 Public Policy Meeting Minutes | 27 November 2009 | Dakar Senegal


One of the major outcomes of the Public Policy Discussion was the consensus by the community to endorse the Global Policy proposal for “Allocation of ASN Blocks to the RIRs by IANA.”

Another policy proposal discussed was the 'IPv6 Allocations to Non-Profit Networks', with a consensus being reached that proposal should be withdrawn, and that the author of the proposal should liaise with the AfriNIC staff and Board to devise a more viable solution if the main rational is to have a special discount and category for this category of users.

A third policy proposal, related to 'IPv4 Soft Landing' which define how AfriNIC should manage its last IPv4 blocks, did not reach consensus during the meeting and was returned to the Resource Policy Discuss (RPD) mailing list for further discussion.

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