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WIDER (World Internet Data Portal)

WIDER is a data visualization portal intended to inform data journalists, network operators, regulators and other interested parties on the state of the Internet in a specific country or region. AFRINIC worked on a preliminary proof-of-concept that incorporates internet measurement data.

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Oportunities for Data Analyst/Web developer


The technical components of the project would involve the consolidation of the different data sources and the development of information retrieval /curation processes using appropriate big data technologies. Another important component will be the enhancement of the visualization front-end to offer the maximum value to the end-users. The role of the software engineering intern will be to adapt an existing visualization platform, develop a data retrieval API, select appropriate datasets and populate a data store.

Number of students/interns required: 1

Duration: 6-12 months

Keywords: Python/Django, PostgreSQL, Charts.js, Tiles.js, data visualization

Key deliverables

  • Further develop the existing Proof-of-concept into an MVP (Minimum Viable Product). This includes developing proper documentation, setup instructions and system provisioning.
  • Design and implement a data model for multiple data sources
  • Implement additional pre-identified data sources   

Skills required

  • Databases (PostgreSQL)
  • Web development (Python/Django, php)
  • Front-end development (Javascript, Angular.js, D3.js, etc)   








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