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2014 - Annual General Members Meeting (AGMM)

The 2014 Annual General Members Meeting (AGMM) took place on June 6th 2014 (14:00-17:30 UTC +3) during the AFRINIC-20 Meeting, held during the Africa Internet Summit 2014 in Djibouti. Lean more about how the 2014 voting and participation was done.


Click here to download Minutes (PDF).





2014 Board Candidates

Independant/ Non-Geographic Central Africa Indian Ocean
  1. Andrew Kenningale Alston
  2. Boubakar Barry
  3. Hajanirina Ramboasalama
  4. Ilunga Kabwika Serge
  1. Antoine Joseph Junior Tonye
  2. Bope Domilongo Christian
  3. NGNOULAYE Janvier
  1. Andrinirina Joël RANDRIANASOLO
  2. Kris Seeburn
  3. Subramanian Moonesamy


Announcements about the AGMM 2014


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