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Board Meetings and Resolutions 2007

Date Resolutions


February 2007

Resolution 200702.35

After reviewing the recommendation made by the financial committee, the Board approved AfriNIC's 2007 operational budget as proposed by the Staff.

May 2007

Resolution 200705.36

“The board, after reviewing the 2006 annual report as presented by the CEO in November 2006 decide to adopt it and it thanked the staff for their good job done in 2006.”

Resolution 200705.37

“Having considered the AAU's formal request for AfriNIC to apply a special pricing policy formula for the African Universities and Research Centres, the board resolve to grant a 50% discount subject to the provision of a list of AAU endorsed beneficiaries. This discount will be subject to the approval of AfriNIC CEO on a case by case basis and will be reviewed annually.”

Resolution 200705.38

“The Board approves to sign the MoU with AfTLD.

Resolution 200705.39

'The Board approves the 2006 audit report as prepared and presented to the Audit Committee.

Resolution 200705.40

The board has decided to set the fee for IPv6 allocation to members as followed:

a) For already established LIR with IPV4 allocations, the board resolved not to count the IPV6 allocation on establishing the fees associated the category. This policy will be reviewed every year by the board.

b) For new LIRs who will have only IPV6 allocation, the board resolve to allow 50% discount on the initial set up fee, 100% discount on the first year membership fee, 75, 50, 25% respectively on the subsequent four year fees. The policy will be reviewed annually.

June 2007

Resolution 200706.41

“The board ratifies the appointment of Pierre Dandjinou as Chairman of the AfriNIC Board of Directors for a one year term; to end immediately after the next AGM”

Resolution 200706.42

"The board approves the Minutes of the May 01, 2007 meeting, as presented by the secretariat."

Resolution 200706.43

'The Board, after reviewing the report submitted by the Policy coordinator, resolved to ratify the policy afpol-v6200701 defining the rule for IPv6 provider Independent direct assignment from AfriNIC to End-Users and Critical infrastructure. The Staff is requested to take the appropriate action for its implementation?

Resolution 200706.44

'The Board, after reviewing the report submitted by the Policy coordinator, resolved to ratify the policy afpol-v6200701 changing the HD ration for subsequent IPv6 allocation from 0.80 to 0.94. The Staff is requested to take the appropriate action for its implementation?

Resolution 200706.45

“The Board resolves to thank Kamal Okba, for his positive contribution to AfriNIC during his term as a Board member.”

July 2007

Resolution 200707.46

"The board approves the Minutes of the June 13, 2007 meeting, as presented by the secretariat.”

Resolution 200707.47

'Noting the imminent exhaustion of the central pool of IPv4 address space, the AfriNIC Board resolves that efforts to draw the public's attention to the problem and potential solutions such as IPv6 should be intensified, and instructs the staff to take appropriate actions in this regard.?

August 2007

Resolution 200708.48

"The Board after reviewing the minutes of its previous meeting submitted by the Secretariat on 12 July 2007 decided to approve the minutes with the following changes : Title for #200707-02: IGF meeting, Nov 2007, Rio to be read as #200707-02: AfriNIC participation to the joint proposal for the 3rd FP7 call for proposal."

September 2007

Resolution 200709.49

"The board approves the Minutes of the August 8th, 2007 meeting, as presented by the secretariat."

Resolution 200709.50

The Board resolved to reconstitute the three committees: Finance, Audit and Remuneration Committee. The composition of the committee is as follows:

Remuneration Committee:

  • Chair: BN ;
  • members: KY and GB

Finance Committee:

  • Chair: AB;
  • Members: VP and MH

Audit Committee:

  • Chair: RJ ;
  • Members : DK and KY


Resolution 200709.51

The Board resolve to adopt the Terms of reference of the Remuneration, Finance and Audit Committee as presented to the Board members.

Resolution 200709.52

The Board resolve to adopt the new fee schedule as presented by the CEO

October 2007

Resolution 200710.53

'The Board Resolve to approve the minutes of the 23 September 2007 face to face Board meeting as proposed by the Secretariat with a change in the resolution numbering.

Resolution 200710.54

that the AfriNIC bank account signatory persons will be Adiel Akplogan (as CEO), Viv Padayachy (as representative of the Board), and Andre Patrisse Deesse (as Finance and Administration Manager);

Resolution 200710.55

that the above mentioned signatory persons be authorized to act in accordance with AfriNIC authorization policy described in the table above with the following exceptions:

  • Any transaction in excess of USD 50,000 (fifty thousand U.S. Dollars), or equivalent in any other currency, must be approved by the Board.


Resolution 200710.56

that AfriNIC's bankers are furnished with copies of the relevant policies and resolutions, including this resolution.

December 2007

Resolution 200712.57

The board resolve to send a letter of Congratulation to Dr. Nii Quaynor for his Postel Service Award.


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