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Board Meetings and Resolutions 2009

Date Resolutions


July 2009

Resolution 200907.75

'The Board at its meeting held by teleconference on this 15th of July 2009 appoints Viv Padayatchy as Chair for a period of one year ending 30th June 2010.


Resolution 200907.76

'The board adopted the minutes of its meeting held on 22nd May 2009 as circulated on the mailing list.'


Resolution 200907.77

The board would like to extend its sincere recognition to Alan P. Barrett, Badru Ntege, Brian Longwe for their outstanding contribution to AfriNIC during their mandates as Board member respectively (2004?2009,2006?2009, 2004?2009). The Board which them success and expect to continue to benefit from their contribution into AfriNIC overall process and specially its policy development process.


Resolution 200907.78

“The Board during its meeting held by teleconference on 15th July 2009, agree to set up an Election Review Committee based on the agreed TOR and composed as follows: Sunday Folayan Alan Barrett Brian Longwe Badru Ntege Ashok Radhakisoon (legal counsel).


Resolution 200907.79

'The Board resolve to adjourn its meeting held on 15 July 2009 at 16h50 UTC'.


Resolution 200907.80

that the AfriNIC bank account signatory persons will be Adiel Ayodélé Akplogan (as CEO), Viv Padayachy (as representative of the Board in Mauritius), Razi Ahmad Muslun (as Business Area Manager - BAM) and Lillian O. Sharpley (As Communications Area Manager - CAM) as per the Delegation of authority in the table above.


Resolution 200907.81

that the above mentioned signatory persons be authorized to act in accordance with AfriNIC authorization policy described in the table above with the following exceptions:

  • any transaction in excess of USD 50,000 (fifty thousand U.S. Dollars), or equivalent in any other currency, must be approved by the Board.


Resolution 200907.82

that AfriNIC's bankers are furnished with copies of the relevant policies and resolutions, including this resolution. Version 4.


November 2009

Resolution 200911.83

Reviewing the outcome of the election committee so far the board has decided resolve to dissolve the previously setup election process review committee and for the chair to notify the current members of the committee.


Resolution 200911.84

'The Board resolve to adjourn its meeting held on 24th November 2009 at 09:45h UTC. 

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