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Fellowship Program

The AFRINIC fellowship program provides the younger generation with an opportunity to collaborate with industry experts and gain exposure to the latest trends and developments. Our goal is to bring together individuals from diverse backgrounds to build a more accessible Internet in the region. Through funding and guidance, we ensure that our fellows can integrate into the community in various capacities.

The fellowship program is offered during the two main AFRINIC events, the Africa Internet Summit and the AFRINIC standalone meeting. During these meetings, fellows are exposed to
  1. The policy development process, providing a better understanding and opportunities for participation.
  2. Opportunities to network with colleagues from other organizations,
  3. Opportunities to learn from experts through workshops, tutorials, and presentations,
  4. Opportunities to share their knowledge in various ways.
After completing the program, fellows become part of our alumni to ensure their continuous development and relevance in contributing to the growth of the Internet. We have seen significant impact from our alumni who have gone on to achieve notable feats in the industry.

We encourage eligible individuals from these regions to apply for the program and take advantage of this opportunity to participate and enhance their skills and knowledge.

Stay tuned for the next round of applications.

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The Fellowship Program
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