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The Internet in Africa has been transformed by the power of collaboration. A diverse group of stakeholders including Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) and regional associations have worked together to create a strong and interconnected network. And the good news is that there's more to come. New organizations are eager to build IXPs, which will boost the overall efficiency of the Internet in the countries and in the region.

To continue this impressive growth, existing IXPs need additional funding to expand their capacities and enhance their performance. But it's not just about technology, Regional IXP associations also play a crucial role in forging partnerships with local communities to improve peering and interconnection infrastructure.

All these efforts combined create a robust, interconnected, and resilient network that ultimately benefits end-users in Africa. This means faster connection speeds, reduced latency, and increased Internet access for everyone.

At AFRINIC, we're proud to invest in the Critical Infrastructure Development Program, which supports critical Internet infrastructure across the continent. Our goal is to accelerate universal and affordable access to the Internet, thereby promoting economic and social development in Africa.

Join us in our mission to strengthen and expand the Internet infrastructure in Africa. Together, we can drive the growth of the Internet and pave the way for a brighter future.

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