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AFRINIC Policy Development Process Bis (AFPUB-2017-GEN-002)


Ref. Name:

Versions: 4.0 

Status: Under Discussion

Obsoletes: CPM 3.0 - The Policy Development (PDP)

  • Komi Abel Elitcha
  • Arnaud A. A. AMELINA 
  • Honest Ornella GANKPA 
  • Alain P. AINA 
29 October 2018


Summary of the Problem being addressed by this Policy Proposal

Policies for managing IP number resources in the AFRINIC service region are created through a Policy Development Process which describes the steps through which policy proposals are submitted, considered, debated and adopted.

  1. The current consolidated policy manual 2016 does not have provision for proposal adoption, which induces duplication of proposals dealing with the same problem, lack of clarity of problem statements and proposal out of the scope of the PDP. It also does not define a clear method for moving proposals forward.
  2. The consensus process for decision making is not defined, opening doors for interpretations and inactions.
  3. The current PDP does not have provision for board adopting policies as per section 11.4 of the AFRINIC constitution in the varying of the process



Revision History



28 Apr 2017

Version 1


09 Nov 2017

Version 2


- Addresses most of the staff and Legal concerns:

  1. Adds a section on implementation
  2. Removes restrictions on the board varying the PDP
  3. Clarifies deadlines to appeal against chair decisions

- Amends the appeals procedures

- Splits the proposal in two documents:

a. The PDP

b. Working Group guidelines and procedures.

- Changing to the working group chairmanship to 2 chairs.

28 Apr 2018

Version 3



3.4 Consensus

Clarify “Consensus” in the context of the PDP. Refers to “Rough Consensus”. The document  made consistent with “consensus”


3.5. Policy proposals

Clarify the process of selecting document editor.


3.6. Policy Ratification

Clarify how board acts for the ratification or not of a proposal submitted by the Working group.


3.7.2 Variance by the AFRINIC board of Directors

Clarify PDP variance by Board and remove referral to bylaws sections


3.8. Implementation

Fix the mistake for implementation counter to start with the ratification by board and not  from last call consensus date.

29 October 2018


Version 4



3.4.3 Reaching Consensus:

Chairs are given up to 2 weeks to make decision of a draft proposal presented at PPM or at end of adoption phase of a proposal


3.5 policy proposals:

- Remove possibility of author’s anonymity

- Remove option for chairs to serve as document editor


3.9.2 Appeal committee:

Add provision for board appointed appeal committee as in current PDP

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