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Register as AFRINIC Associate Member

Associate Membership is the category provisioned in the AFRINIC Bylaw and is open to both individual and legally established corporate entities.

Associate Members do not use Assigned IP Number resources but have a substantial interest in Internet Protocol number resources management and the mission of AFRINIC. They are entitled to receive notice of all Annual General Members’ Meetings under Article 12.2 and to attend all such Meetings as Observer.


Associate Members further have the right:

  • to receive notice for members’ meetings called by AFRINIC;
  • to attend as Observer all members’ meetings called by AFRINIC;
  • to take advantage of services provided by AFRINIC as regards training, consultancy and technical expertise; and
  • to attend any meetings convened by AFRINIC if the Associate member(s) is so qualified.


Enrolment For Associate Membership

The following steps are required to initiate the Associate Membership process, and it’s highly recommended to provide all required documents to expedite membership registration.


  1. Fill in the online registration form here.
  2. Fill out the Associate Membership Agreement and send it to AFRINIC.
  3. AFRINIC evaluates the request to ensure all requirements are fulfilled
  4. Invoice Issued to the requestor, valid for 45 days
  5. Once payment is received, your associate Member Status will be confirmed, and all details will be sent to the applicant.


Additional Requirements

  1. Copy of Identification or Company Registration document for Corporate category


Please note that AFRINIC will work to complete any application within 15 working days. However, the turnaround time to complete a registration depends on the applicant's response time. Details regarding the membership fees can be found here.



Click here to register as an AFRINIC Associate Member



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