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Peering support from AFRINIC

AFRINIC is the Internet Numbers Registry for Africa. We operate an IP network to support crucial Internet services to our members, and the Internet community at large.

AFRINIC will routinely seek to improve the resiliency of the services it offers by connecting to Internet exchanges to improve accessibility to its services. This policy outlines AFRINIC's peering policy at any of these exchanges.

This policy will be revised from time-to-time; the most recent version will always be available on AFRINIC's public web site

  • In general, AFRINIC operates an open peering policy; we will peer with anyone that is present at, or can provide a connection to, a site that AFRINIC is hosted at.
  • For the purposes of Internet peering, AFRINIC will always operate in settlement free peering; viz. AFRINIC will not pay to peer.
  • AFRINIC will not charge any peer, or potential peer, for peering.
  • Unless by special agreement, AFRINIC will not accept peers using private Internet Number Resources.
  • Peers agree that AFRINIC shall carry no liability should AFRINIC decide to stop peering at an IXP, or not accept new peers.

Please refer any questions/comments to peering[at]


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