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AFRINIC Database Working Group


The purpose of the AFRINIC Database Working Group (DBWG) is to provide a channel for discussion between AFRINIC staff, technical community members, and other stakeholders, regarding the implementation of AFRINIC's WHOIS service. Through this channel, the staff will:

  • Announce new developments or updates.
  • Engage the community in testing new developments.
  • Call for comments or suggestions regarding any technical aspect of the WHOIS.
  • Engage the community with regards to the database inconsistencies and how we can work together to have them resolved.
  • Call for presentations and researches around the WHOIS and database-related subjects.
  • Gather ideas of the community regarding improvements to the current DB-related services.
  • Help the community in terms of DB tools or objects migration.
  • Update and improve the current documentation and share the business rules.


Rules and guidelines

  • The database working group is dedicated to the technical discussion of the WHOIS service and the underlying database.
  • Though comments and suggestions are welcome from the community, the final decision on implementation details will be reserved for the staff.
  • The database working group members are kindly asked to follow AFRINIC's code of conduct
  • Comments or suggestions raised in the database working group will be handled by AFRINIC staff as time permits. Any bugs or operational issues should be reported through other channels. 



Current Co-Chairs

  • Frank Habicht
  • Ben Maddison

Past Co-chairs:

  • Michel ODOU
  • Simon SERUYINDA 
Meeting Minutes  


Mailing list

  • The discussions are welcome on the dedicated mailing list: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  • To subscribe, please follow the instructions at
  • List archive at


DBWG proposals and issue tracker

  Check the WHOIS DB changelog for more details on features that have been updated.


 Code Details Date Received StatusNext Step
 DBWG-1 Have a suffix for the maintainer object
e.g all maintainer objects should end with -MNT. for easy identification
 2nd Jul 2020 Deployed in production  
 DBWG-2 It was raised on the mailing list that the changed attribute is unreliable  5th Aug 2020 Under discussion Consensus
 DBWG-3 Proposal to limit IPv6 RDNS objects to minimum prefix assignment prefix of /48  7th Sep 2020 Under discussion Consensus
 BugReport-1 Child object removal during prefix deletion. Child objects derived from an exact match of the prefix are not being removed  17th Aug 2020 Deployed in production  
 DBWG-6 Resource holders without email addresses  6th Sep 2020 Work in progress.
ETA End of Q2 2021
 BugReport-2 Remove duplicate domain objects ending with a dot  13th Sep 2020 Done and deployed in production  
 DBWG-8 Complete overhaul of the database manual  02 Jan 2020  Work in progress  
 DBWG-9 Org-type definitions in organization object template  4th Oct 2020 Deployed in production  




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