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AFRINIC Measurement Working Group (MWG)


The AFRINIC Measurement Working Group (MWG) serves as an open platform for Internet researchers, network operators, social scientists and other groups in Africa and beyond to discuss topics related to Internet measurements from technical and socio-economic perspectives. The MWG has a strong focus on measurement studies in Africa and will be used to convey research or workshop outcomes to AFRINIC's community. We also use the mailing list to invite members to our regular online study groups where we discuss papers/reports that cover areas of our interest.

MWG seeks to help the community:

  • Keep abreast with research and developments around Internet connectivity
  • Understand the impact of such issues on our members 
  • Collaborate with AFRINIC on finding the best approach to using research findings and new information for the benefit of Africa’s Internet ecosystem



  1. The MWG is open to researchers and scholars, students, network operators, and members of the community who are interested in Internet measurement.
  2. Topics of interest include but are not limited to IPv6 deployment, Internet peering, Internet security, mobile Internet as well as topics related to Internet freedom, surveillance, censorship, manipulation, interference, regulations, and policies.
  3. The MWG organises Internet measurement workshops at AIS/AFRINIC meetings.
  4. The MWG regularly shares such activities through the list as well as information related to scholarships, fellowships, upcoming events, etc.
  5. The MWG organises monthly reading group sessions in a one-hour meeting involving a 10-20 minute presentation on a research paper. This may also include a conference video presentation of the paper to be discussed. In the absence of a video, a participant could volunteer to lead the discussion with a 10-minute presentation to kickstart the meeting.
  6. Papers to be discussed will be made available on this page and all participants are welcome to suggest other published works for discussion. Participants may critique the work, ask questions, or comment on the paper and, where relevant, discuss the possible impact of the findings and conclusions on AFRINIC.
  7. The MWG will use the mailing list to invite the community to its regular online study groups.



  • Amreesh Phokeer
  • Kevin Chege


Mailing List

To join the mailing list, kindly follow the link



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