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Open Internet Standards Working Group



  • Promote open Internet standards in Africa and expanding to other organisations over time;
  • Encourage and guide the participation of Africans in Open Internet standards development;
  • Encourage deployment of Open Internet standards in Africa through various organisations, companies and volunteers;
  • Organise/coordinate events such as hackathons, workshops, webinars, academic conferences about Open Internet Standards;
  • Encourage research activities and capacity building with academic bodies and actors about Open Internet Standards.



  • Membership is open to anyone interested in promoting open Internet standards development and deployment in Africa without any restriction on physical location.
  • The OIS working group is dedicated to the technical discussions related to open Internet standards.
  • The working group members are kindly asked to follow AFRINIC's code of conduct.
  • The working group will use the mailing list to invite the community to its regular meetings.



  • The WG has two co-chairs elected, with one co-chair being elected for one year and the other being elected for two years. After being elected, co-chairs cannot be recalled by the membership until they have completed at least 25% of their elected tenure.
  • A co-chair may resign voluntarily at any point in time.
  • Chairs are elected at OIS-WG sessions during AIS/AFRINIC meetings.
  • A call for candidates must be announced one month before the OIS-WG meeting.
  • The role of the co-chairs:
    • Organise and prepare stakeholders for face to face or online meetings
    • Moderate the OIS-WG mailing list
    • Chair face to face or online meetings and moderate discussions
    • Coordinate the documentation of face to face or online meetings
    • Coordinate and manage the financial resources and seek sponsorship opportunities that
      would help the OIS-WG achieve its purpose mentioned above
  • Removal of co-chairs:
    • If a co-chair misses three consecutive face to face or online meetings without reason or with reasons deemed unacceptable by 10% of the members, he/she may be removed by the members and a new co-chair elected at the next meeting
    • Members of the OIS-WG may request the removal of a co-chair in writing. 33% of the members will be required to co-sign the letter in writing. An independent tribunal will be set up within six months consisting of 3 individuals selected as follows: 1 by the co-chairs, one by AFRINIC and one by a non-OIS-WG individual representative chosen by the 33% OIS-WG members who submit the letter.



  • The WG will have a dedicated mailing list: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • A dedicated and separate budget
  • An AFRINIC liaison will handle the secretariat of the WG.


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